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DÉCAAR Algae Peel

DÉCAAR Algae Peel
Perfluorodecalin is the main active ingredient in the DÉCAAR Algae Peel, breath of life facial and the oxygen homecare products. If you want to speed up the cellular activity in your skin to improve hydration levels, improve the look of acne or rosacea problems and generally rejuvenate your skin … you need this.

Brand new to us; Circadia skincare
Circadia is a cosmeceutical brand combining natural botanical ingredients with science to deliver fantastic results. conditions such as rosacea, acne, sensitivity and ageing can all be tackled with these products.
Currently we have the oxygen rx treatment and chocolate enzyme treatments available

The enzyme facial is fantastic for brightening all skin types and is particularly good on acne and rosacea conditions. Using hersheys cocoa powder, the treatment smells and feels heavenly.
Circadia skincare

The oxygen rx treatment is an excellent instant hydrating treatment delivering oxygen deep into the skin. This is the only hands on oxygen facial to give similar results to machine based oxygen facials. Again fantastic for all skin types, especially acne and rosacea, both facials feel pampering but deliver intense results.

Hifu face lifting
We are so excited to finally have our perfecte’ me machine in salon. We’ve done the training and are ready for bookings. This equipment is for face lifting and body contouring.

Using HIFU (high intense focussed ultrasound) on the face can deliver a facelift effect without the need for surgery and is much more affordable. This treatment breaks down old collagen and elastin and stimulates brand new cells over a period of up to 3 months. It tightens the skin and softens wrinkles. Instant results are seen as well as ongoing cellular renewal. only one treatment needed per year.The best alternative to surgery.

Full face and neck £545.00
Face only £495.00
Neck and Jowl £425.00
Eyes and forehead £295.00

Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)

Targeting specific areas of concern, stubborn pockets of fat to freeze to -5c. The fat cells then die off and are eliminated them from the body. Results visible in 4-8 weeks. Full results take up to 8 weeks to show.

Deesse mask

New Deesse led mask
Targeted light wavelengths for successful treatment of rosacea, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and post procedure. Stand alone treatment or add on to your other treatments.  From Just £12.

A course of 6 cool clear combined with led mask gives great results on problem acne blemished skin.

New skin treatment machine; M3 infusion
Brand new to the salon, M3 infusion is injection free mesotherapy combined with microcurrent, microdermabrasion, ultrasound and cryotherapy which delivers the best in anti ageing treatment. Brightening, firming and the use of intensive serums which give an effect similar to botox or fillers without the use of needles. Giving Instant and progressive results. Call the salon to book yours today.