Face treatments

chi perfect me

Perfect ‘me lifting and body sculpting
Aesthetic treatment for the face and body without the need for surgery.

Hifu face lifting
Stimulates new collagen and elastin to tighten the skin and muscles and eliminate wrinkles. Instant result with full results in up to 3 months. only one treatment per year is needed. The best alternative to surgery.
Full face and neck £650.00
Face only £500.00
Neck and Jowl £350.00
Eyes and forehead £300.00

Caudalie skincare, Paris

Caudal products

The no 1 French pharmaceutical brand. Harnessing the anti ageing and antioxidant properties from grapes and the grapevine, Caudalie has four patented ingredients which fight against the signs of ageing.

‘My Caudalie’ reward scheme
We are very pleased to be partnering with Caudalie in their reward scheme which gives you points to collect for free products. Every boxed product you purchase has a unique code in the box which you register online to collect points. Simply present your points voucher to us to claim your free product when you have collected enough points.

Caudal skincare

Premier Cru anti-aging facial P
Combing all of Caudalie’s patented ingriedients and a micropoint roller to treat and prevent all of the signs of aging. Visible results immediately.
55 minutes £90.00

Resveratrol lift firming facial P
Using patented resveratrol from grapevine twigs and resveratrol oleyl, this facial plumps and firms the skin, stimulates collagen and elastin and diminishes wrinkles.
55 minutes £68.00

Vinoperfect facial P
Using patented viniferine from grapevine sap, this facial erases dark spots, prevents their appearence and restores radiance and lumininosity to the skin.
55 minutes £68.00

Vine activefacial P
Using patented grapeseed polyphenols, this facial fights against oxidants and free radical and prevents the signs of ageing. Energizing and vitamin rich, the skin is moisturised, radiant and protected.
55 minutes £65.00

Express divine facial P
An introduction to Caudalie. This facial promotes luminosity and radiance. Immediate effects seen with ongoing long term results.
25 minutes £35.00

Aromatherapy Associates facials


Aromatherapy Associates adopt a holistic approach in their philosophy. Specially selected blends of essencial oils rich in vitamins and antioxidants prevent and fight against the signs of aging.

Every luxurious treatment has an added benefit on mind, body and spirit to aid with restoring balance and harmony. A consultation will be carried out to assess the correct requirements for your skin.

Ultimate luxury hot stone experience
Hot volcanic rocks incorporated into an aromatic back massage and facial. Increases cellular renewal and revitalises the skin.
85 minutes £95.00

Renew total indulgence stressbusters facial P
An aromatherapy back massage preludes the luxurious rose renew facial. Close your eyes and let the stress and tension dissolve as you indulge.
85 minutes £76.00

Renew radiance facial P
Starting with a relaxing scalp massage, this is more than just a facial. Exfoliation, pressure point massage and hydrating mask complete the experience. The regenerative properties of essential oils nourish soften and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.
55 minutes £68.00

Express facial P
Deep cleansing and pore refining or nourishing and hydrating. Tailor made to suit your skin. Ideal for teenagers or those with limited time.
40 minutes £39.00

DIBI facials

DIBI is the Number One beauty brand in Italy, offering ‘results-driven’ professional salon and spa treatments and a range of professional-standard products for home use. Launched over 30 years ago, DIBI boasts a deep and trusted heritage, delivering treatments and products that integrate the most advanced active ingredients and very latest research, delivering visible and proven results, every time. An Italian science and nature brand using plant, bud and berry extracts to treat all skin conditions. Providing instant and ongoing results.

DIBI Fill Perfection facial
The latest skincare technology from Dibi milano. Using hyalurfill complex, this facial has been dubbed the ‘best alternative to botox and fillers’. A combined use of facials and homecare transforms the skin in just 15 days. Wrinkles are softer and smoother and the skin is radiant. 55 mins £85.00

Age Perfection facial P
High performance anti-ageing facial, clinically tested to reduce all the signs of ageing. Combining cellular capital (TM) and performance complex, this facial gives instant and progressive results.
Result; minimizes wrinkles, reduces skin blotches, evens complexion and promotes brightness and radiance.
55 mins £79.00

Frutti di bosco P
Wild fruit extracts renowned for soothing and protective properties. Strengthens capillary walls to help reduce high colour. Relieves and soothes sensitive skins.
55 minutes £59.00

DIBI impure skin 55 mins
Designed to regulate excess sebum in oily/acne and problematic skins. Combats imperfections and soothes irritation. £60.00
Result. Skin is balanced, moisturised and mattified.

Hydra P
An intense rehydrating treatment usinh hyaluronic acid to regulate moisture levels in the skin. Perfect for dry/dehydrated skins or after a sun holiday.
Result; Moisture levels in the skin are regulated,skin has a beautiful radiance, fine lines diminish. 55mins £60.00

Other facial treatments

M3 infusion anti-ageing machine
The very latest in anti ageing technology. An injection free mesotherapy combined with microcurrent, microdermabrasion, ultrasound and cryotherapy which delivers the best in anti ageing treatment. Brightening, firming and the use of medical grade serums which give an effect similar to botox or fillers without the use of needles. Giving Instant and progressive results.
Full treatment £67.00
M3 1/2 hour £35.00
Cool lift facial at Chi

Coollifting gun
In four minutes your skin will change. This amazing device is the ultimate red carpet anti-wrinkle treatment. A fine mist of hyaluronic acid is sprayed on the face instantly softening fine lines and wrinkles. instant results with visible results up to 7 days. Great for special events. £70
Programme of 6 treatments will give longer ongoing results. course of 6 £390.00

Coolclear acne treatment
Combining hylauronic acid and glycolic acid, Coolclear will help minimise and improve acne blemishes and scarring. A course of 6 is recommended for best results.
Course of 6 £390
Combine with Deesse LED mask for intensive results.

Cryopen skin perfector or
Fast and effective new solution for the removal of skin imperfections. Nitrous Oxide is used to freeze imperfections such as skintags, warts, verrucas, cherry angioma and pigmentation marks.
Skin tags, pigmentation from £50.00
Warts and verrucas from £60.00

Collagen anti-ageing facial
A plant collagen matrix intensively reduces signs of ageing and increases moisture levels in the skin. Plumps up and hydrates the skin naturally.
70 minutes £75.00
A course of six recommended for long term improvement.
Deesse mask

Deesse LED light mask
Clinically proven LED phototherapy for all skin conditions. Targeted wavelength therapy for anti aging, acne, rosacea, pigmentation. Also post procedure, great after dermal rollers etc. the mask can be added to any other facial or as a stand alone treatment.
Deesse mask facial 30 mins £32.00
20 mins £25.00
10 mins £15.00
Mask add on 10 mins £10.00
20 mins £15.00

Glycolic Skin peels
From £55.00 45-70 mins
Gentle progressive exfoliation and regeneration for all skin types. Suitable to treat conditions such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines, rosacea & acne scarring. Following a consultation.
Your treatment programme will be tailored to suit your individual needs.
Serums and masks can be added for specific concerns, giving more intense results.
Skin peel face only; £55.00
Skin peel face and neck £65.00
Skin peel face, neck & decollete £75.00
Add on serum £10.00
Add on mask £10.00


Collagen eye masque P
Plumps up fine lines and rehydrates the delicate eye area.
40 minutes £38.00
Add to any facial £25.00

‘Celebrity brows’
Our unique multi-step procedure will define and shape your brows like a true celeb. Includes brow analysis, shaping, trimming, shading and colouring £28.00

* P = suitable treatment during pregnancy.