Eye treatments

Chi eye treatments

Firmslim eye treatment P
Using radio-frequency, therapeutic laser and vacuum suction. Collagen and elastin is stimulated to reduce the signs of aging and vacuum suction drains away puffiness and contours the area.
Result; progressive ongoing regeneration and wrinkle reduction to the eye area. £85.00

Age perfection eye treatment P
Intensive anti ageing eye and lip treatment. Regenerates the delicate eye area, protects the epidermis and softens lines and wrinkles. (as part of facial £29.00)
Result; Noticeable younger looking eyes. £45

Caci face

Collagen eye mask P
Plumps up fine lines and re-hydrates the delicate eye area. (add to any facial £25.00)
Result; puffiness and dark circles are reduced. Fine lines appear softer. £38.00

Caci eye lift
Using micro current to tighten and firm the delicate eye area.
Result; The eye area appears more youthful and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. £35

Hydra eye treatment P 25 mins
Re-hydrating eye treatment which helps to combat puffiness and dark circles. cooling Marine mask revitalises and refreshes tired eyes. (as part of a facial £17.50)
Result; fresher, younger looking eyes. £30.00

*Please remove your eye makeup before your visit.

* P = suitable treatment during pregnancy.