Holistic therapies

The real aromatherapy experience 70 mins
Using essential oils, pressure points and drainage to balance mind,
body and spirit. £756.00

Reflexology 55 mins
Specialised manipulation techniques applied to the feet to balance the
body and aid relaxation. Can help with premenstrual symptoms, stress,
disturbed sleep and other minor ailments. (including foot soak) £50.00

Reiki P 55 mins
A non invasive hand energy healing treatment which brings about balance
in the body and healing to minor ailments. £50.00

Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage
40 mins £41.00

Indian Head Massage P 40 mins
(This is a seated massage) An excellent treatment for relaxation and
tension headaches. Ayurvedic techniques used to relieve tension in shoulders,
neck and scalp. £37.50

Hopi Ear Candles P 40 mins
An ancient technique from Arizona, using hollow aromatic chimneys to
aid sinus drainage and relieve tension headaches and ear conditions
such as tinnitus. Excellent for Pre/post flight sore ears. £32.50

Hot Stone therapy massage
Massage using basalt volcanic stones from Arizona. Stones are placed on the body to aid
with circulation and elimination of toxins. Massage treatment is four times more effective with the use of hot stones. A truly wonderful experience!!
25 mins £31.00
40 mins £45.00
55 mins £65.00
70 mins £75.00
85 mins £85.00
115 mins £95.00
* Not recommended during pregnancy.
* Not recommended for rheumatoid arthritis conditions.

* P = suitable treatment during pregnancy.