Male waxing

male body

Most of our treatments are unisex, but we do also have some That are especially tailored for men, including intimate waxing.

Body waxing
Male full body wax £185.00
(Includes back, shoulders, chest, stomach, arma, underarms, legs and full genital area.)
Under arm £ 12.00
Eyebrows £ 10.00
Ears £ 8.00
Nostrils/ nose £ 8.00
Top half arm and shoulders £ 20.00
Full arm £25.oo
Shoulders £ 22.00
Chest  strip wax £ 25.00  hot wax £33.00
Stomach £ 20.00
Chest £25.00
Stomach £20.00
Chest and stomach £ 36.00
Chest, stomach & shoulders £ 38.00
Back & neck (no shoulders) £30.00
Shoulders  £ 25.00
Half leg £ 20.00
Full leg £ 30.00
Beard line £10.00
Patches hot wax  from £9.00

Male intimate waxing
We use pure beeswax for comfort.
Please note; treatments are carried out by female therapist. Please note these are professional treatments carried out in an appropriate manner. We also require appropriate client behaviour. Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated  and would result in the treatment being cancelled at full price payable.
Buttock crack £ 25.00
Buttock cheeks £ 25.00
Buttock crack and buttocks £ 45.00
Boyzilian(small triangle or strip left at the front)  from £ 50.00 (scrotum, butt crack, Penis)
Full Manscape from £ 55.00 (everything removed front and back including
full pubic area, scrotum, penis, butt crack & cheeks)

Please ask if the area required to be waxed is not listed.