HIFU non-surgical facelift

Hifu, high intense focused ultrasound is the next best thing to a surgical facelifts.

HIFU non-surgical facelift

Hifu works right at the base of the skin where all the cellular activity starts.

Intense focused ultrasound stimulates collagen and elastin production having a tightening and firming effect on the skin and muscles.

Full results are seen around 3 months later after gradual everyday subtle changes.

Safe and effective cellular renewal for the face.
No need for surgery and only one treatment per year needed with our machine as the results last up to a year.

No visible down time.

We follow a very specific grid to ensure each area of the face receives the correct intensity of treatment.

Can we help you to regain your youth or slow the onset of ageing?

Any enquiries please get in touch.

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