Eye treatments

Chi eye treatments

Firmslim eye treatment P
Using radio-frequency, therapeutic laser and vacuum suction. Collagen and elastin is stimulated to reduce the signs of aging and vacuum suction drains away puffiness and contours the area.
Result; progressive ongoing regeneration and wrinkle reduction to the eye area. £85.00

Age perfection eye treatment P
Intensive anti ageing eye and lip treatment. Regenerates the delicate eye area, protects the epidermis and softens lines and wrinkles. (as part of facial £29.00)
Result; Noticeable younger looking eyes. £45

Caci face

Collagen eye mask P
Plumps up fine lines and re-hydrates the delicate eye area. (add to any facial £25.00)
Result; puffiness and dark circles are reduced. Fine lines appear softer. £40.00

Caci eye lift
Great for puffiness, hooded eyes, dark circles and wrinkle, includes a cucumber and hyaluronic mask for soothing and hydrating. 25 mins £ 39.00

Hydra eye treatment P 25 mins
Re-hydrating eye treatment which helps to combat puffiness and dark circles. cooling Marine mask revitalises and refreshes tired eyes. (as part of a facial £17.50)
Result; fresher, younger looking eyes. £30.00

Eyebrow tidy £ 12.00
Eyebrow tinting* £ 12.00
Eyelash tinting* £ 16.00
Eyelash and brow tinting* £ 26.00
*a patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Celebrity brows
A unique multi step procedure to create the perfect brows. Includes face and brow analysis, waxing andshaping, tinting, trimming, shading & more. Defining and shaping your brows like a True Celeb!! £32.00

Brow perfect eyebrow enhancements
Individual hairs are attached to your own hair or the skin to define the brows. Creating beautiful full eyebrows. Excellent for thinning eyebrows or those who have had chemotherapy treatment. Lasts up to a week.
Full set £ 35.00
Small patch application from £ 10.00

Eyebrow lamination
The very latest eyebrow technique. Straightens curved brow hairs and grooms brows to make brows appear fuller and more defined. Can create a brushed up style or a sleek groomed look. £ 50.00
Add brow shape +£ 6.00

LVL lash lift
Lengthening, volumising and lifting treatment for the natural lashes. Creates a dramatic eye opening effect. Includes an eyelash tint.*patch test required at least 24 hours prior
£ 60.00

Lash Perfect semi-permanent eyelash extensions
Individual hairs that are applied precisely to your natural lashes. Designed for longer term wear. Last for weeks with regular maintenance. Create the look you want whether natural or dramatic.Please remove your eye makeup before your visit.
Full set £ 60.00
Half set £ 40.00
Corner flicks £ 35.00
Maintenance (2-3 weekly) from £ 33.00
30 min maintenance £ 28.00
15 minute maintenance £ 13.00
Removal of lashes. £ 15.00

Russian volume lashes
Super light fans of lashes are applied giving a full and fluffy look to your lashes.
2-6 Lashes applied to every lash
full set £75.00
top up 40 mins £37.00
top up 30 mins £29.00
top up 15 mins £17.00

Express lashes
Individual lashes that are dropped onto your natural lashes in just 30 mins. Create a natural or glamorouslook. Perfect for a party or holiday. Last 2-3 weeks
These lashes should not be infilled and any left after 2-3 weeks should be professionally removedbefore reapplication.
Application £ 37.00
Removal (without reapplication) £ 15.00
Removal (with reapplication)

*Please remove your eye makeup before your visit.

* P = suitable treatment during pregnancy.