Body Solutions

Targeting stubborn pockets of fat to freeze them and then eliminate from the body. Results visible in 4-8 weeks.
Cyro 1 area eg stomach £100
Cyro 2 areas eg flanks, inner thighs £160
Combine with radiofrequency treatments for body contouring and skin tightening.


Shrinking violet body wrap
Shrinking Violet body wrap is the only body wrap on the market that breaks down fatty deposits in the cells, and we have it here at Chi beauty salon.

In just 90 minutes you can be on your way to losing inches of stubborn fat that will then be eliminated from your body. You will be body brushed, shrinking violet solution applied to your body and wrapped in a non toxic film. after an hour you are unwrapped, minus inches!

This treatment is taking the beauty world by storm and has been tried and tested by many popular celebrities. This is a whole body treatment.
£71 Try it, you will be amazed.
Course of thee £199

Universal contour wrap
Inch loss body wrap treatment that
guarantees you’ll lose at least six inches in one treatment. Removes
toxins from the body, tightens and firms skin and improves the appearance of cellulite. Scientifically proven. (As seen on Supersize vs Superskinny) £ 69.00
Course of 3 £ 199.00

Detox cellulite treatment 55 mins
Dry body brushing followed by stimulating and draining massage techniques on problem areas. Includes detox foot reflex massage to aid elimination. A curse of 10 treatments are required for lasting improvement to cellulite.
Cost £63.00
Cost £540.00 including homecare

Caci body microcurrent
Caci quantum body sculpting/toning. Electronic micro technology pads which stimulate and re-educate muscles to firm, tone and sculpt. Target specific areas or pad yur whole body. Equivalent to approximately 300 exercises per session.
Cost per 25 mins session £25.00
Course of 6 £140.00
Course of 12 £270.00

Swedish massage
Swedish full body massage P 55 mins £55.00
Swedish massage P 40 mins £39.00
Back, neck and shoulder massage P 25 mins £28.00
Express scalp and shoulder massage P 25 mins £28.00
Add pre-blended aromatic oils for extra pampering. £2.50 – £3.50

Firmslim lipo

Firmslim body treatments
Body reshaping and contouring
Instant inch loss
Banishes cellulite and improves circulation
Targets stubborn fatty deposits
Aids lymphatic drainage
Lifts, firms and tightens lax skin
Reduces stretch marks

The very latest technology combining radiofrequency, therapeutic laser, vacuum suction and mechanical massage. We are the only salon in North London with this machine. (The nearest place to us is Knightsbridge)
RRP £99
Our price £85

* P = suitable treatment during pregnancy.