Skin solutions

Dibi hi-white

DIBI/OLOS specialist skin care treatments
An Italian science and nature brand using plant, bud and berry extracts to treat all skin conditions. Providing instant and ongoing results.

Skin pigmentation / dark circles, sun damage, age spots
DIBI hi-white £67.50 70 mins

An advanced skin brightening facial. Helps to diminish uneven skintone/ dark circles. Reduces excess melanin production which causes dark patches/ pigmentation and blemishes.
Result; a smoother brighter complexion. Less visible effects of sun damage and pigmentation.

DIBI Fill Perfection facial
The latest skincare technology from Dibi milano. Using hyalurfill complex, this facial has been dubbed the ‘best alternative to botox and fillers’. A combined use of facials and homecare transforms the skin in just 15 days. Wrinkles are softer and smoother and the skin is radiant. £85.00