Chi skin solutions

DIBI impure skin 55 mins
Designed to regulate excess sebum in oily/acne and problematic skins. Combats imperfections and soothes irritation. £56.00
Result. Skin is balanced, moisturised and matified.

Glyco program 40- 55 mins
A regenerating treatment using glycolic acid to renew the skin and stimulate cellular renewal. Skin regains brightness, wrinkles soften and blemishes/scars fade and diminish. Homecare products need to be used at home for two weeks prior to salon treatment.A course of 4-8 treatments + homecare will provide optimum results.
Course of 4 + homecare £ 350.00
Course of 8 + homecare £ 550.00
Result; A gentle approach to skin renewal with results similar to a chemical peel.

Glycolic Skin peels
From £55.00 45-70 mins
Gentle progressive exfoliation and regeneration for all skin types. Suitable to treat conditions such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines, rosacea & acne scarring. Following a consultation.
Your treatment programme will be tailored to suit your individual needs.
Serums and masks can be added for specific concerns, giving more intense results.
Skin peel face only; £55.00
Skin peel face and neck £65.00
Skin peel face, neck & decollete £75.00
Add on serum £10.00
Add on mask £10.00