Muscle tone

Chi skin solutions

DIBI/OLOS specialist skin care treatments
An Italian science and nature brand using plant, bud and berry extracts to treat all skin conditions. Providing instant and ongoing results.

Age Perfection facial P
High performance anti-ageing facial, clinically tested to reduce all the signs of ageing. Combining cellular capital (TM) and performance complex, this facial gives instant and progressive results.
Result; minimizes wrinkles, reduces skin blotches, evens complexion and promotes brightness and radiance.
55 mins £79.00

CACI non surgical facelift
Patented Microcurrent technology which reeducates the facial muscles, stimulates cellular renewal and softens lines and wrinkles. Provides a visible instant lift. We use Hexapeptide Serum probes which mimic the ‘botox’ effect. Longer lasting results are obtained with an intensive course.
Face demo £ 35.00
Caci eye £ 30.00
Jowl Lift £32.00 (add to caci facial £15.00)
Single face £ 50.00
Super caci ( face,eyes and neck) £ 69.00
Result. Tighter facial muscles, Softened lines and wrinkles and a glowing complexion.

FutureTec facial

Futur-Tec skin regenerator
Using Ultrasound, Microcurrent, Vacuum suction and Therapeutic laser to renew the skin. Conditions such as pigmentation, blemishes/scarring, stretchmarks and deep wrinkles all benefit from the intensive regenerative properties of this amazing machine.
25 mins £29.00
55 mins £52.00
Result. A smoother even complexion. Intensive cellular repair. Circulation is improved and imperfections diminished.

Firm Slim Lipo System
Clinically proven with long lasting results. Targets cellulite, loose skin and loose muscles. Stimulates collagen, elastin production and lymphathic drainage. The very latest technology combining radiofrequency, therapeutic laser, vacuum suction and mechanical massage. We are the only salon in North London with this machine (nearest to us is Kninightsbridge) RRP £99.00. Treats all areas including stomach, buttocks, arms, cellulite, back etc. our price £85.00.