How’s Your Skin During Lockdown? Let’s tackle it face on…

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Has your skin changed during lockdown? It may be glowing and looking it’s best or… have things taken a turn for the worst?

Change of routine
A change of routine and work habits could mean you have gotten out of your skincare routine too. Maybe as the days and hours are merging your skincare routine has slipped. Are you still remembering to cleanse, exfoliate etc? Perhaps as you are at home more, you have been indulging in more snacks or sugary drinks/alcohol, which could result in blemishes or dull looking skin.

If you are working on a computer or using gadgets more than usual, the blue light from the screens can cause oxidative stress on the skin resulting in breakouts, dry patches or uneven skin tone. Oxidative stress contributes to skin ageing as well as some diseases such as cancer.

If you are using screens a lot, it’s important that your skin is protected with a good antioxidant range, to minimise the risks of ageing. Good antioxidants will normally contain high amounts of vitamins E and C. Our Caudalie Vinoperfect range is 100% antioxidant and contains high doses of vitamins E and C as well as hyaluronic acid and plant polyphenols. It’s great for preventing and combating the early signs of ageing as well as containing no nasties and is not tested on animals.

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Perhaps, you have much more time now and have adopted a more thorough skincare routine and your skin is looking it’s best ever. My skin is looking much fresher and radiant than pre lockdown and the main reason I think is I’ve had a lot more fresh air and some sunshine, protected of course by my SPF. Perhaps not needing to wear makeup every day or travel on the polluted underground is having a positive effect on your skin.
If your skin has improved during lockdown, you need to think how you can upkeep your new routine when life speeds up again.

What can you do at home to maintain skin during lockdown?
1) Maintain a good skincare routine. Cleanse tone and moisturise daily, twice daily if possible.

2) Exfoliation and masks should be carried out at least once a week. This is like giving the skin a mini facial at home. After cleansing and toning, exfoliate and remove, then apply your mask for appx 10 mins. Some masks can be left on longer and I sometimes even leave mine on overnight for a real boost. If you are removing the mask after 10 mins, tone and then moisturise to seal in nourishment. Some masks remain creamy or soft so can be easily removed. If you have chosen a mask that has set, you will need to soften it with a warm flannel or sponge before removing it. In the salon we have a great range of single use sheet masks for many skin conditions eg, deep cleansing, moisturising, brightening. We also stock larger tubes from caudalie and there are 4 to chose from.

3) Steam your skin if you are feeling congested or blemish. This can be done by putting hot water in a bowl or your sink. place your face close to the water and put a towel over your head to keep the steam in. Remember to cleanse your skin before steaming. Steaming opens up the pores and releases congestion so if you have makeup or grime on the skin it will sweat into your pores. After a steam would be a great time to apply a deep cleansing or detoxing mask.

4) If you are concerned with skin firmness, (maybe you are used to having a firmng facial every month), firming or tightening masks can have a temporary tightening or lifting effect. Facial rollers can also have a stimulating and tightening effect. there are lots or videos and tutorials online that can show you how to use.

5) Take regular breaks from gadgets and screens and make sure you are wearing your antioxidant moisturiser.

6) Get plenty of sleep. whilst not being in your usual routine, it could be tempting to stay up later
watching tv etc, but it’s important to try to get between 6-8 hours sleep every night. Whilst we are sleeping, our body restores and repairs so if you’re not getting enough shut-eye, your skin could suffer.

7) Alcohol in moderation!! Alcohol is dehydrating for the body and skin and depending on what type, has high quantities of sugar in it which could upset your skin.

8) Keep hydrated. We should aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep skin hydrated and other bodily functions in peak condition. Fizzy drinks, alcohol and high doses of caffeine can deplete water levels so make sure you have plenty of water in between other types of drinks.

8) Wear your sunblock when out on your daily walks or runs, even low level UV light can cause ageing or even skin cancers.

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