November is here…

Hot Stone massage

It’s almost party time. How do you prepare?
A massage before the hectic season or a step into the glamoriser to prep, face body and nails?

It’s getting colder, it’s a great time to recharge yourself. A massage is a great way to recharge, relieve stress, relax, increase circulation and so much more. Recharge yourself with 20% off our hot stone massages

fat freezing

Party Season Prep
Maybe you have a special outfit you wish to wear, now is the time to plan ahead.

Fat freezing is a permanent way to remove stubborn pockets of fat with best results obtained after 2 months.

Shrinking Violet body wrap targets fatty deposits in the body and gives an Instant Inch loss, cellulite reduction and skin smoothing, with progressive results obtained from a course of 3-6 wraps and if you start now, you will be sure to be ready for your outfit when party season is here. Fat freezing costs from £85.00 and shrinking violet body wrap is £199.00 for 3 or £71.00 for one.

Epson salts

Immune boosters
If you are feeling under the weather or trying to avoid the colds and snuffles that are around, we have some great immune boosters here at chi. Our rescue breathe easy treatment is an upper body massage to help clear stuffy heads and sinus and relieve aches and pains. Including back, arms, face and scalp to instantly make you feel better.

For home use we have various bathing and inhalation remedies to help clear your head and soothe your muscles as well as arnica oil for a great soothing rub. These home remedies are great preventative tools too to keep colds and flu at bay. Hope you stay well this cold and snuffle season.

LVL lash lift

Have you tried an LVL lashlift yet?
Lvl lifts stretches and lengthens your natural lashes giving an eyelash curler effect that will last 6-8 weeks.

A great alternative to eyelash extensions, the procedure takes about 1 hour to complete. A patch test is required prior to treatment to check for sensitivity. The perfect treatment to see you right through party season or a long holiday. Combine with an eyebrow tint and shape for beautiful defined eyes. This month get a FREE eyebrow wax or tint with your lvl lashlift – because you’re worth it.

Cool lifting facial

Coollifting is the ultimate party facial
You will be sprayed with a mist of hyaluronic acid which will absorb deep into your skin giving instant softening to lines, wrinkles and dehydration. Instant visible results that will last up to a week.

If you are having this facial for a party, have it the day before, the product will be fully absorbed and your makeup will sit beautifully on your skin. Normally £70; party season price £59.00 or 3 for £170. 00

* Excludes payments with gift vouchers or any other offer.

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