Semi-permanent make up

Natural Cosmetic Enhancement

Semi permanent eye makeup

Do you wake up in the morning, then look into the bathroom mirror and say to yourself, “WOW WHAT A MESS”. Well that early morning look could be no more if you choose to have semi-permanently make up applied to your face in our salon. Our make up will bring out your new look full plump lips, enhance open and brighten your eyes which will naturally compliment your new smooth silky looking skin.

Semi permanent make up can be used on all skin types with no age preference. If you need further information or questions you need to ask please do not hesitate to call our salon and speak to one of our friendly beauticians.

Semi Permanent Make Up has grown tremendously in the last few years, and once semi permanent cosmetics are applied you will always look your best, morning, noon and night. The purpose of semi permanent make up is to achieve a natural cosmetic enhancement for people of all ages who want to look their best at all times.

Semi permanent lip liner

Using state of the art digital technology you can benefit from larger looking eyes with thicker lashes, younger looking fuller lips with permanent lip blush and liner and perfectly shaped eyebrows that smooth the brow and make eyes look bigger, which in effect gives you an instant eye lift without surgery!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Semi permanent cosmetics are a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses pharmaceutical grade pigments which are applied to the upper dermis of your skin. This results in a wonderful shadow of colour that looks like perfectly applied make up.

How Long does it last?
Semi Permanent cosmetics are exactly as they sound – semi permanent ! Over the years the colour may fade but do not worry you can simply have a top up every 12-18 months which makes them look as good as new.

Does it hurt?
It is no more painful that having your eyebrows tweezed. A topical anaesthetic is applied for your comfort prior to treatment.